Mexican Rain cape

synthetic mexican rain cape

Mexican rain cape is a simple approach to create an authentic palm thatch look in addition to being inexpensive. It adds a decorative accent to any structure in your home or business. Mexican rain cape is often used in commercial industries as indoor decor. For example, in hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, stores and much more. The thatch is hand woven from palm leaf strips in hence it is a very light material. These are a replenish-able, renewable, Eco-friendly resource.

Mexican rain cape is not waterproof, it is purely for shade covering or decorative purposes. For applications requiring waterproofing, we recommend installing a regular sub-roof. This is done using a 3/4″ plywood substrate covered with felt or ice and water shield. Mexican rain cape will last indefinitely on indoor use. With outdoor use it lasts 1-2 years in wet, humid climates. It lasts approximately double that in hot dry climates. As a result of its short life expectancy, this product is not recommended for exterior permanent structures. Exceptions being umbrellas that are used seasonally or extremely dry climates.

Mexican Rain Cape Thatch umbrella cape

Mexican rain cape installation is very simple and doesn’t require any special skills. Heavy duty staples or zip ties work the best when attaching the thatch to the tiki roof. The thatch can also by installed by stapling to battens or a plywood subroof. Minimum suggested pitch is 30 degrees, steeper pitch increases longevity. For subsequent courses, allow the fringe of the next panels to overhang the panel in the preceding course. Panels are butted side to side. This is a very versatile thatch and can be cut into any shape by simply cutting between the knots without unraveling. To find the quantity required divide roof surface area by 12.


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