Palm Leaf Thatching

Florida Tiki Hut Gazebo With Stand Up BarNatural palm leaf thatch gives a very tropical look to the area it is being used in.

Palm  thatch can be used on any outdoor roof structure in place of regular shingles as well as open frames.  It will last the longest on an open frame with a 33-37 degree pitch. Once on, it can be left natural with a fine whispy edge or trimmed to give an edgy look.

The natural palm thatch is good for any climate and is very low maintenance. It can be used in harsh climates, no need to cover it. Withstands high winds unlike canvas or shingle roofs, wind can escape through it so there is no uplift.  When applied as directed, natural palm leaf thatch is 100% waterproof.

Sabal palm thatch is fresh cut on demand here in Florida for use on wood framed umbrellas, gazebos, and other roof structures with a decent pitch.  The leaves start out as a green fresh cut leaf changing to a golden brown for about a year then gradually changing to a greyish tan color for the rest of the thatch’s life expectancy (approx 5-7 years). Possibly longer in dryer climates.

This natural palm leaf thatch can be fire retarded after a curing period of approx. 2-3 months using a fire retardant made specifically for thatch. Suncoast Tiki Huts can supply our customers with the correct products for fire retarding. (products sold separately)



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