Tahiti Palm Thatch

Tahiti palm thatch is also known as Tahitian palm thatch.  Created from desert palm leaves, this thatch is a rustic looking, natural, eco-friendly and sustainable material.  The individual leaf pieces are bound together using nylon rope, creating the panel. It is a thick and full looking thatch that will give a more tropical feel to your DIY tiki hut.

You can create a wonderful palm atmosphere for any type tiki hut project when you use Tahiti palm thatch. When applied as directed, Tahiti thatch is 98% waterproof. While it lasts for 5-6 years in wet humid climates, it will last longer in dryer climates. It also offers extreme durability in the harshest of weather conditions.

tiki hut kit in Illinois with tahiti thatch

With it being so simple to install anyone can do it themselves. It is a flexible thatch that can be installed in neat, straight lines or uneven roofing lines.  If you have a round or umbrella style tiki hut this thatch will work perfect for you. Tahiti palm thatch is installed in layered courses at 12″ on center, overlapping the previous course by 8-11″. Minimum suggested pitch is at 33 degrees but higher pitch increases longevity and waterproof ability. The thatch panels can be stapled, nailed or ziptied to battens or steel framing. Nylon rope can be cut and retied if thatch needs to be sized.  To find out the amount of panels you will need for your project divide your roof surface by 3 or 3.5 depending on your spacing.

Fire retarding is available, please call for pricing.

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