Thatch Umbrellas

Is the shade under your canvas umbrella unbearably hot? Thatch Umbrellas are a great way to stay cooler and make your home look like a tropical paradise. Thatch Umbrellas are virtually maintenance free. Once installed , they never have to be taken down or cleaned like regular market  umbrellas. Unlike regular market umbrellas, wind flows through the thatch umbrellas causing no wind uplift.  Market umbrellas have to be replaced every year or two.

Suncoast Tiki Huts has several  different types of thatch umbrellas. Our natural palm thatch heavy duty permanent umbrella being our most popular  with a leak proof thatch, and a lifetime wood pole frame.  For our commercial market that need several  in a hurry we have the manufactured frame thatch umbrellas that come with natural or synthetic African cape reed thatch , and a wood lodge pole, or a steel pole with duracane synthetic bamboo sleeve to fit into a large base. For you beach goers, or tailgaters that want to take their paradise with them there’s the collapsible thatch umbrella. that is lighter weight and just pops up.

Thatch umbrellas offer:

  • Cooler that canvas up to 10 degrees
  • Many types and styles  to choose from
  • Natural and synthetic thatches
  • Easy DIY construction
  • Wood frames or steel frames
  • Lasts many years
  • Custom built and manufactured
  • Low maintenance

Thatches available :

Palm Thatch- Natural and synthetic

African Cape Reed  – natural and synthetic

Natural Tahiti Thatch

Mexican rain cape- Natural and synthetic

Longevity of the thatch depends on climate, and type of thatch for the natural thatches , in general most last 5-7 years. The synthetic thatches last  5-25 years depending on the type.

There’s a thatch umbrella for every unique style . If you need help finding what you need please contact us .