Manufactured Tiki Huts

Manufactured Tiki Huts

Are you looking for one or many tiki huts for a resort project that has a deadline or budget? Or would you like a gazebo style tiki hut kit that you may have to disassemble and move someday. Suncoast Tiki Huts manufactured tiki huts may be the best choice for you.

A tropical or exotic manufactured tiki hut gives you the look and feel of a traditional tiki hut. Longer lasting that the gazebo from the big box stores, wind, rain and snow resistant. Wind flows through the thatch unlike the canvas covers.

Manufactured Tiki Hut Features

  • Gazebo style, round in construction
  • Powder coated steel, heavy duty frame with steel purlins that the thatch can be attached using the built in clips, wired, or zip tied.
  • Multiple ground poles
  • The ground poles are naturally pressure treated Eucalyptus poles approximately 6″ in diameter. Sizes available are 12ft-16ft
  • Easy to construct – framing is bolted together and placed directly onto the set ground poles. Most of the available thatches are clipped on.
  • Can be dissembled and moved if needed for renters or semi permanent situations.
  • Economical
  • Great for residential or commercial use

Available thatches

  • Natural African Cape Reed Thatch – Of you want a tribal African look, this thatch has a clean line tiered look. Multi-colored with browns, tans, ambers and greens that fade into a natural greyish tan. Longevity approx 3-5 years.
  • Natural Tahiti Palm Thatch – Fringy layered with a slight tiered look. Tan in color, fading to a greyish tan. Longevity approx 4 years.
  • Synthetic Palm Thatch – similar to the Tahiti Thatch, golden in color, lasting 20+ years
  • Synthetic African Cape Reed – The synthetic African Cape Reed thatch is a beautiful multi colored synthetic thatch that has browns, tans, ambers and greens. It is warrantied against fading, cracking and peeling. Longevity is approximately 20+ years.

If you would like to help to choose what kind of manufactured tiki hut is right for you or have any questions we are here for you. With our many years of experience in the tiki hut business, we will be able to get you the answers you need. We love to hear about what our customers are creating. Contact us.

We look forward to working with you!


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