Sabal Palm Leaf Thatching

Authentic Sable Palm leaves. Priced per sq ft.



Pricing $7.50 per sq ft (approx 4 leaves)

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs


Shipping is available nationwide

Natural palm thatch is sold by the sq ft. (approx 4 leaves per sq ft)

The best roof pitch for using natural palm thatch is 33-37 degrees, or a 7-12 pitch or more

Each leaf weighs approx 2lbs and is on average 45-60″ in length and 30-48″ in width


Installation is simple and can be done yourself.  Minimum suggested pitch is 30 degrees, steeper pitch increases the longevity of the palm thatch. Can be installed on any wood subroof, shingles or battons but best used with an open frame.

To figure out how many palm leaves you will need for your project, multiply your sq ft area (length x width of your roof) by 1.252 which equals your total sq footage with the pitch. Then multiply that by 4.  We will add a few to that just to make sure that you have enough to make your corners full.

Install the palm leaves in layered courses, starting with the 2nd to bottom row.  Apply every 2-3″ and approx 16″ on center.  Suggested fastening is a 1 3/4″ roofing nail. Please see the video on how to thatch here.