Tiki Barstools

Tiki Barstools

Our tropical style tiki barstools are custom made here at Suncoast Tiki Huts. Hand carved tiki barstools offer a fun original design. Because they are hand carved, each one is one of a kind, a very tiki Polynesian style. Another barstool option for your Tiki bar is a very heavy duty commercial quality High Back Bamboo Barstool. Each one a sure fit to add tropical flair.

Custom Built Tiki Face Barstool

The custom built tiki face barstool makes a great addition to your tiki bar or bar counter.  Face options may vary, please call to see if your favorite is available.

The tiki face barstool is topped with a padded vinyl swivel seat, we have three different colors to choose from. Red, Black and Crimson. The stool is stained with a rich dark brown and coated with exterior spar urethane. Special custom order wood seats are also available.


The tiki barstool is a standard bar height of 29 inches with a seat diameter of 14 inches. The barstools weigh approximately 25 lbs. Special order heights are available to be custom made to your specifications.


As with all wood products, it is best to put a new coat of urethane on this product every 1-2 years.

Replacement seats are available to purchase after years of use


High Back Heavy Duty Bamboo Barstool

For years, Suncoast Tiki Huts has sold to our customers a High Back Bamboo Barstools that was made from heavy duty bamboo, imported from the Philippines.  It was made with a high quality, thick walled bamboo. As a result, it was very popular with our customers. After the tsunami a couple of years ago we were unable to get them. We were forced to find somewhere else to import them from, but the new product we were getting lost its quality, therefore we decided to stop selling them.

Suncoast Tiki Huts is now in development of a prototype high back barstool that is made with our strongest Tre-gai construction bamboo.  Our new high back barstool is very heavy duty, and will be able to be used commercially in bars and restaurants or for a backyard tiki bar. This product will last for years to come.

We are hoping to have them ready by the end of Spring. If you are interested in this High Back Bamboo Barstool please contact us, we would love to hear your thoughts.

For details about either the Tiki Pole Barstools or the high back barstool please click on the product provided.

If you would like help choosing the correct stool for your residential or commercial project please contact us anytime, we are always happy to help you create your tropical paradise.



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