Tiki Huts

Most people call the Tiki Hut a thatched roof gazebo. This is what everyone looks forward to sitting under and drinking fruity drinks while on vacation.  Tiki Huts, also known as Chickees, Bohios and Palapas, depending on where you live. They were originally used for everyday living all around the world. These are the tropical version of the traditional gazebo or umbrella. They are great for anyone wanting a tropical, exotic or tribal look in their backyard or swimming pool area, in addition, a tiki hut will add value and flare to your project.

Different versions of tiki huts are found all over the world. In England and Ireland their version is a grass thatch.  Africa uses a cape reed thatch. Pili grass is used in Hawaii. And in Florida, traditionally we use our native sabal palm thatch. All with the same intention in mind, to give your home or business the perfect tropical shade covering.

Florida Tiki Hut Gazebo With Stand Up Bar

You can use this unique tiki hut gazebo as an extension of your outdoor living space to put outdoor furniture or hammocks under. Tiki Huts can be used for many different things but the most common is the famous tiki bar.

In Florida Customers

Suncoast Tiki Huts can custom build your tiki hut on your property anywhere in the state of Florida. Using our traditional palm thatch or another thatch that you may like. In addition, your custom tiki hut can be built any size or any shape. Take a look at all the thatch options to find what is best for your project. Fire retardant is available to keep your home or business safe. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Nationwide Customers

Suncoast Tiki Huts can custom build a tiki hut kit using our traditional palm thatch, thatch panels or synthetic faux thatch, for your residence or commercial property. Fire retardant is available for our commercial customers, in addition to residences that have a concern.

We construct the tiki hut here in Florida, take pictures of your tiki hut, label it, and package it with step by step instructions, pictures and a video for thatching. It is then shipped to you for reconstruction. It’s kind of like putting together a giant tinker toy set. All hardware is included.

  • All of the thatches are weather resistant and do not need maintenance throughout the winters. No covering needed.
  • Wind flows through the thatch unlike canvas and shingled roofs that lift and tear.
  • Our palm style thatch is 100% waterproof while our reed thatch is 99% waterproof.

Custom Built to Order

Our custom built permanent tiki hut framing features all round pole construction using heavy duty pressure treated poles. Ground pole diameters range from 6 in – 12 in depending on the size of the permanent tiki hut.  Framing will last for many years to come. Cypress pole framing is also available for custom orders.

Our custom built permanent tiki huts can be rectangle, square, round or custom shaped.

There are many sizes available for quick ordering on our website. Please see the correct sections for details, FAQ and ordering.

Natural Thatch Options

  • Sabal Palm Thatch – The best natural thatch available. Sabal palm thatch gives a layered fringy Caribbean look to your tiki huts. The leaves start out as a brownish green color, turning to a golden color after few weeks. After about a year, the leaves will gradually turn to a greyish tan color.  The sabal palm leaf thatch is what we use for most of the tiki huts we build or rethatch.  Lasting approx 6 years before needing to be rethatched depending on the climate.  The leaves are fresh cut here in Florida in the deep woods. This is where you get the highest quality leaves. The leaves are nailed and when strategically placed you will get a completely waterproof tiki hut. Then you can add lighting, fans and other electronics under it without the worry of weather exposure. There is nothing like sitting under a real palm thatch tiki hut. It has the coolest rating of any type of gazebo, In fact it is usually 5-10 degrees cooler than canvas. This type of thatch is high wind, rain and snow resistant and can be used throughout the USA. Pricing is the lowest of the thatches available.

Natural Thatch Panels

  • Natural African Cape Reed Panels – If you want a tribal African or clean line tiered look the African Reed thatch panels are something you may want to consider. The color of the panels range as multi colored with tans, ambers and greens that fade in to a natural greyish tan over time.  These panels last approx 3-5 years, they are weather resistant and 99% waterproof.
  • Natural Tahiti Palm Thatch panels – These are made when palm leaf strips are sewn together at the top to create a panel that can be rolled out and attached to a frame. They are tan in color fading to a greyish tan over time.  Tahiti palm thatch lasts approx 4 years and are semi waterproof.

Synthetic Thatch Options

  • Synthetic Faux Palm Thatch – Beautiful natural looking colors of golden tans or weathered. If you want a no maintenance thatch, the synthetic palm thatches that Suncoast Tiki Huts has available, will give you a 20-40 year life span.  Depending on the thatch you choose, the faux palm thatches come with a 10-20 year warranty against fading, cracking and peeling.  Comes in a fire rated version for our commercial costumers. This thatch is waterproof.

    Palmex thatch tiki hut
  • Synthetic Faux Reed Thatch – The synthetic reed thatch has come a long way in the last 10 years. The look is as close to the natural color as you can get. With colors of browns, greens, ambers and tans, this thatch is absolutely beautiful.  This thatch is weather resistant and 99% waterproof. Suncoast Tiki Huts offers a few different brands of the reed thatches for use with open frame construction.  A fire rated version is also available.  Please contact us for more synthetic reed options.

Any size, Any shape, Any Where

Suncoast Tiki Huts will custom build a tiki hut, any size any shape, anywhere. We can also construct different styles of tiki huts, for example; double roof, extended ends, Hawaiian inverted roof style. Wood or composite decks are also available for our Florida customers.  Please contact us for custom options and pricing.


Manufactured Tiki Huts

Our manufactured tiki huts are a gazebo style, with multiple poles and round in construction.  This style of tiki hut is very heavy duty but can be moved if necessary.  Use the manufactured style tiki hut for semi-permanent situations like rental properties or seasonal store displays. The framing is a powder coated steel heavy duty frame with steel perlins that the thatch is attached to.  Attaching the thatch is very simple, using clips, wire or zip tied. The ground poles are naturally pressure treated eucalyptus poles approximately 6in in diameter.  Sizes available are 12ft-16ft.

Very easy to construct, framing is bolted together and placed directly onto the set ground poles.

Available thatches:

  • Natural African Cape Reed Thatch – If you want a tribal African, or clean line tiered look the reed thatch panels are something you might want to consider. The color of the panels range as multi colored tans, ambers and greens that fade into a natural greyish tan.  African Cape Reed lasts approx 3-5 years and is 99% waterproof.
  • Natural Tahiti Palm Thatch – These are made when palm leaf strips are sewn together at the top to create a panel that can be rolled out and attached to a frame. They are tan in color fading to a greyish tan over time.  Tahiti palm thatch lasts approx 4 years and are semi waterproof.
  • Synthetic African Cape Reed – The synthetic African cape reed thatch is a beautiful multi colored synthetic thatch has colors of browns, tans, ambers and greens. It is warrantied against fading, cracking and peeling for 10+ years. Synthetic Reed thatch lasts 20+ years and is also 99% waterproof.

Always here to help

If you would like help choosing what kind of tiki hut is right for you, or if you have any questions we are here for you. Our many years of experience in the tiki hut business should be able to get you the answers you need. Our specialty are custom projects. We love to hear about what our customers are creating.  Contact Us.

We look forward to working with you.

**After the thatch is at the end of its useful lifespan, rethatching takes place. All of the thatch is torn off of the framing, and disposed of and new thatch is attached to the original framing.